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All About The Green Topman Cardigan Martin Odegaard Wears in Arsenal Third Kit Launch

All  About The Green Topman Cardigan Martin Odegaard Wears in Arsenal Third Kit Launch

Arsenal finally unveiled their third kit for the 2023/24 season ahead of their return to the UEFA Champions League, but many fans were blown away by how captain Martin Odegaard topped the kit with a beautiful cardigan that really matched its style.

The Gunners are set to wear an interesting dark green kit on their European away trips and on occasion, in their domestic away games as well. Adidas appears to have taken inspiration from the Gunners’ away green t-shirt from the 1982-83 season and given it a ‘modern touch’.

Adidas had a number of prominent Arsenal players act as model in their unveiling of this kit and decided to give a real old-school feel to it. That included allowing the players to wear some unique attires alongside the kit, which included pants with interesting patterns and a jacket or cardigan on top of the kit.

The Topman cardigan debuted by Martin Odegaard in Arsenal third kit photoshoot

William Saliba’s decision to wear a matching pant and jacket combination to go along with the green kit impressed many, but a lot of Gooners were particularly attracted to how classy Martin Odegaard looked in a green pattern cardigan.

Fans were really impressed with how well the cardigan goes with this third kit and how classy the entire look comes off as. Well, it turns out that Odegaard was wearing a cardigan from the UK-based brand Topman, which has been a mainstay in the country since 1978.

Topman describes this attire as ‘Topman knitted cardigan with all over geo in green’ which goes really well with a t-shirt and formal pant combination. It actually isn’t that expensive either! Rather than wearing something ludicrously priced, Odegaard (or Adidas probably) decided to wear a cardigan that could actually be quite affordable for the fans too.

Arsenal fans bummed out as Topman Cardigan goes out of stock

The green cardigan from Topman costs around £47, which is actually way less than the cost of the third kit (which costs around £80). This makes it all the more attractive to a lot of fans, but Topman probably saw a major surge in demand for this variant of cardigan after Odegaard wore it in the unveiling pictures.

That is because, within a day of the unveiling, the cardigan is now sold out in the Topman online store. Indeed, you cannot buy this anymore, and there is no real confirmation of when it will be available once again.

Some fans are extremely bummed out by this, because they really wanted to pull off the Arsenal captain’s attire by wearing the cardigan on top of the kit. Even if its not available right now, it would cost one around £127 if they wanted to wear this top-half attire like Odegaard from the third kit unveiling.

There is also a long-sleeve version of the third kit that has been launched at around £85 if one fancies more protection to their arms in the European trips once the Champions League kicks off. Arsenal will definitely stand out in their European away games wearing this old-school kit, but will definitely hope to do better than their 1982-83 team – that actually got knocked out in the first round of the UEFA Cup in that season and finished 10th in the first division.

For those fans able to get their hands into this Topman Cardigan, they can also really stand out from the rest by wearing the kit with a cardigan – which is definitely not the kind of attire that one normally wears to European football games.