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The Medical Reason Why It’s Totally Wrong to Mock Nicolas Jackson for White Complexion of His Newborn

The Medical Reason Why It’s Totally Wrong to Mock Nicolas Jackson for White Complexion of His Newborn

Nicolas Jackson has seen his fortunes change for the better over the last month or so. It started with his hattrick in Chelsea’s win over Tottenham, before the Senegalese forward also managed to score against Manchester City.

However, the biggest prize that he received was in the form of his first-born child with his partner. The Chelsea striker normally likes to stay very reserved with his family and not really share much about his activities with his girlfriend.

But Jackson could not hold the happiness of welcoming his first baby recently. It almost came out of the blue because not many fans even knew that he and his partner were expecting a child. The Senegalese forward posted a picture of his newborn baby, presumably taken very soon after the birth of the child.

Of course, Nicolas received hearty congratulations from his teammates and fans for the big day in his life. Many are delighted to see the striker blessed with a baby in his life after seeing him turn things around at Chelsea over the last few games as well.

But when it comes to social media these days, there is a critic for everything. Rather than being happy for him, some ‘fans’ started to question whether the baby was even actually Jackson’s. That is because Jackson Jr has a seemingly white complexion, which does not exactly match his father’s colour at all.

Some fans immediately started to mock the Senegalese forward, indicating that his partner had cheated on him with someone else. Not much is actually known about Jackson’s partner because they are rarely seen together in public.

But there is a lack of logic behind the complaints on his baby turning out to be white right after childbirth. That is because a child is never actually born in the exact same colour as their biological parents.

When a child is born, their skin is normally a light red colour. This is due to a newborn’s response to the blood circulation, which only starts to mature once they are born. A child is expected to have that red-like tinge to their skin colour for the first day or so, but their hands and feet might have a blue-like tinge to it because of the body adapting to the changes after coming out of a mother’s womb.

It can be seen clearly by looking closely at Jackson Jr’s picture that the baby is looking slightly red, which is absolutely normal. The process of developing skin colour similar to the biological parents starts happening as the baby grows because of the period needed for the skin to have pigmentation changes.

Some of the more sensible Chelsea fans have noted how awful those mocking Jackson’s baby’s colour come off as due to their lack of knowledge. A few fans are actually even criticising Jackson for making the grave error of posting a picture of his newborn baby on social media, knowing how terrible the trolls can be.

It appears that Jackson was made aware of the comments around the child and speculation over who he had it with. The Senegalese forward has since made it clear that the baby is not even his, but that it’s actually his nephew and a child of his brother Dobell.

Fortunately for the Senegalese striker, he has earned more fans than haters after arriving at Stamford Bridge. There might be a few trying to hold him back by criticizing everything he does, but more fans have his back and will do everything to support him to become a major star for Chelsea going forward.