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Rug-like Pattern on 2024 Portugal Away Kit is Actually an Ode to Azulejo Art

Rug-like Pattern on 2024 Portugal Away Kit is Actually an Ode to Azulejo Art

Portugal have stated their intent for the upcoming Euros with one of the cleanest qualifying campaigns. Winning 10 out of 10 qualifying games while scoring 36 goals and only conceding twice is a feat to envy.

It’s not a secret that the team captain Cristiano Ronaldo, probably playing his last Euro, is going to try his hardest to repeat the victory run of 2016. The secret as to which colours he will be doing so in, is out too.

We are talking about the Euro 2024 away kit for Portugal that the ever so reliable Footy Headlines website has leaked for the world to see.

Looks like the current all white shirt, with a horizontal stripe of Portuguese flag colours of green and red, was too simple for Nike. This time the kit manufacturer has decided to get a bit crafty.

Nike has been the kit sponsor for Portugal for a long time going as far back as 1997. However, there is a huge change incoming. Apparently, Puma has a deal in works for the European side with the current deal ending in December, 2024.

What this means for the upcoming Euros though is that Nike is still going to be in charge of the dress design for Portugal. This deal can’t end fast enough for some of the fans, seeing the latest designs.

From afar it might look like a boy has stained a shirt with his paint dirty hands or it might as well be a rug even, but on a closer inspection it turns out to be a culturally rich, carefully brushed graphic collection running all over the shirt.

You might get a feeling that you have seen this art-style before in the Spanish-Portuguese regions, on the walls and the floors.

That is because it is actually a Azulejo style pattern, which is basically the tin glazed ceramic tiles work often common over there.

The signature Nike swoosh on the right is dark blue coloured while the Portuguese Court of Arms insignia is sitting on the left in its shining red colour.

Portugal hasn’t had great success in away whites and the recent world cup loss is fresh in memory. They are strong contenders to win the whole thing and will be looking to dust off the bad luck.

The current design is supposed to be the final version and will be ready for release in March/April.

Earlier leaks a couple of months back had similar designs displayed but there is a significant change in overall style now with no collar or sleeve highlights.

First reactions to the kit don’t look very positive. Complaints about the design not being clean or inspiring have been common but the homage to the cultural heritage of Portugal has been admired. It does have some features of a modern classic according to some.

People are wishing for the Nike deal to be over as soon as possible so that Puma can come and save the Euros for them.

Group F team Portugal are in a group with Czechia and Turkiye with the final team yet to be finalized. Portugal’s journey starts with a match vs Czechia on 18th of June. We can’t wait for the away jersey to be in its full glory on the pitch.