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Fans Can’t Ignore Pink and Purple Takeover of Leaked Germany Away Kit for Euro 24

Fans Can’t Ignore Pink and Purple Takeover of Leaked Germany Away Kit for Euro 24

German football hasn’t had much to celebrate for a long time now. After the World cup heroics of 2014, lady luck hasn’t been on their side. They have had to bow out of tournaments as early as group stages, which for the dominant German era was unheard of.

With less than 6 months to go for the big tournament, Germany are preparing hard so that they can lay their hands on a trophy, finally.

Preparations for EURO 2024 are well on their way and what other way to get an early indication of that other than a new national kit.

The first impressions of German National Team‘s Euro kits are out and about with the leaked images. Home version of the leaked attire looks promising, simple and elegant.

But the same can’t be said about the away dress though. If you are a Germany fan and wanted to own that piece of national pride, this news might not be to your liking.

Or maybe we are in the wrong and you fall in love with the kit. If you are not a fan of extravagant or heavy colors though, then what Germany have in store for you is going to hurt you a lot.

The partnership between the largest sports federation DFB and Adidas has been one the most successful partnership in sports and has produced some of the most iconic jerseys over time. The two have worked together for more than 60 years now.

This year’s away kit of the Adidas sponsored German team however, has a few bit of surprises starting with the color scheme of Pink and Purple. Yes, you read that right.

Leaked Germany Away Kit for Euro 24 in pink and purple

The top half is colored pink or if you want to be exact, Semi Lucid Fuchsia and it blends into the purple of the bottom half, officially called Team College Purple.

The adidas logo and the national badge have been printed using the colour white, which gives them a nice contrast to the background.

This bold new choice of design and colour is accompanied by radial spikes like pattern coming from the bottom that merge the colours together. You could see the radial pattern being somewhat inspired from the 1994 home jersey.

Germany 1994 home kit with gradient pattern
Germany 1994 home kit with gradient pattern

It is quite astounding to see these colours as they have nothing to do with the usual German style of black, white and yellow or even the green they have been using for the away kits.

Fans of the German team don’t seem too pleased with this at all and are asking the reason behind the choice, wondering if it has something to do with LGBTQ support.

Interesting fact related to the leak is that this was the exact information relayed during the October 2023 leaks as well. Seems like not only the colors but people’s opinion remain the same still.

Fans are hoping that this turns out to be a goalkeeper kit. That is because 1990 World Cup Keeper’s shirt for Germany is the only thing that comes even remotely close to this.

It sure will be interesting to watch the likes of Sane and Musiala run through the enemy defence adorned in the pink and purple. Who knows, maybe a bit of spice is what Germany needs right now.