The deceptive run from N’Golo Kante that everyone was talking about during Chelsea’s 2-0 win Atletico Madrid

There is no worse-kept secret in world football than the fact that N’Golo Kante is a machine. The French pocket dynamite is a force of nature, terrorizing opponents with his extraordinary work rate and his immense ability to intercept the ball and curb potential danger for his team. Kante did justice to his brilliant reputation […]


Man City ace includes Tottenham and Chelsea men to make his ‘perfect player’ for BT Sport

Does the perfect player exist? To answer that question, we need to define a perfect player. And doing that is probably the hardest task there is because, with all the unique talent that exists in the footballing world, it is almost impossible to define perfection. Tricky situation, isn’t it? The definition of perfection is opinionated, […]