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Fans React to N’Golo Kante Rocking Chiseled Abs at 34

Fans React to N’Golo Kante Rocking Chiseled Abs at 34

N’Golo Kante has been a revelation for France in his major comeback at the international stage in Euro 2024. Not only has he put in some incredible performances, but the 34-year-old looks in better shape than players half his age and even seems to have some crazy shredded abs!

Kante moved to Saudi Arabia in 2023 and has been playing for Al-Ittihad. As a result, the majority of football fans have no clue about his performances. But France boss Didier Deschamps shocked many by recalling Kante back into his squad for Euro 2024, with the 34-year-old returning after a two-year absence from the national team.

But Kante’s performances make it seem like he never left. The ex-Chelsea star has been an absolute standout in France’s first matches in Euro 2024, living up to his reputation of being half-man, half-machine. He has showcased unreal stamina for a 34-year-old, covering every blade of the grass and being that tackling, ball-winning machine that helped France win the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Kante has been the Man of the Match for both of France’s games so far and looks to have an incredible physique. A recent picture released by the French association shows that a 34-year-old Kante has a ripped figure. The French midfielder seems to have a notable set of six pack abs and they are absolutely shredded, indicating that Kante is working out A LOT in Saudi Arabia.

Most fans are gobsmacked that a 34-year-old footballer, who looked to be nearing retirement before his resurgence in Euro 2024, can have such a well-toned physique. It’s the shape of his abs that has caught all the attention, because one wouldn’t expect a player of his age to have such distinct features.

A lot of fans are relating Kante to having a ‘bricklayer’s abs’. This is a reference to how bricklayers, a person tasked to build walls or houses, seem to have a shredded figure despite not putting in any time in the gym. A reason why bricklayer’s surprisingly have abs is due to the nature of their work. They are constantly made to pick up and lay on bricks, involuntary doing some abs excerises and this helps them attain a naturally toned figure.

Of course, Kante has definitely not been doing any bricklaying in Saudi Arabia and has attained this figure mostly through working on a gym and putting in a lot of work in exercising. Kante also must have a well-controlled nutritional plan which has helped him attain the ideal physical state, while he also must work alongside many specialists to keep himself in top shape.

Some fans are completely taken aback by the sheer state of Kante. They believe that his shredded abs almost look as fake as the built-in muscles on the suits of the 1990s Batman films.  

The Frenchman has also been hilariously accused of having ‘anime abs’ in terms of his physique seemingly being similar to a lot of muscular anime characters.

The 34-year-old has clearly taken very good care of himself since his move to Saudi Arabia. He overcame some horrible injury issues that forced him to miss the 2022 FIFA World Cup and almost threatened to end his international career.

While doing so, Kante also maintained his shredded physique to ensure that he can dominate any midfielder on a football pitch irrespective of wherever or whichever competition he’s playing in.