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No More Mini Cooper? N’Golo Kante Ditches Hatchback For New Ride

No More Mini Cooper? N’Golo Kante Ditches Hatchback For New Ride

Being a successful footballer brings many perks, with the most notable and obvious one being a very hefty paycheck.

Footy players are some of the highest-paid athletes in the entire world, and they retain eye-watering figures even after the application of tax.

As such, there’s plenty of cash to fund their opulent lifestyles, from designer wear to prime real estate, players dabble in all sorts of luxurious avenues.

But perhaps there’s no bigger display of affluence than a swanky car, and in this regard as well, footballers are no slouches.

Take for example Cristiano Ronaldo, who is the proud owner of a Bugatti Chiron, or Leo Messi, whose fleet of vehicles includes a Pagani Zonda Tricolore.

And then there’s N’golo Kante.

Dubbed the ‘most humble man in football’ by many, the Frenchman sticks close to his roots and shies away from exorbitant items.

The ultimate display of his humility came back in 2017 when he was spotted driving a Mini Cooper to and from Cobham, Chelsea‘s training ground.

The humble hatchback had been Kante’s go-to ever since his Leicester City days, which didn’t change even after earning a pay rise at Stamford Bridge.

Unfortunately, his ever reliable Mini met an accident in 2018, which left it in pretty dire shape.

Kante, being the indefatigable individual he is, persisted with the Mini anyway, and was spotted behind the wheel of the battered vehicle on numerous occasions.

Nevertheless, an upgrade was long overdue for the Frenchman, and through a recent clip, we can learn exactly what Kante has moved onto.

The clip displays numerous Chelsea stars departing from Cobham after training, including the likes of Kai Havertz, Ben Chilwell, and of course Kante himself.

Interestingly, a majority of the Blues look to have opted for a Lamborghini Urus, and we’re willing to wager that there’s a very clever dealership owner behind that.

Nonetheless, after Wesley Fofana drives away, we see Kante’s shiny new wheels.

The Frenchman’s upgrade looks to be a Mercedes-Benz GLE, which sells for around £60,000.

While his former £20,000 Mini pales in comparison, Kante’s new purchase is still pretty conservative, especially considering his lucrative salary.

Naturally, many fans on Twitter were surprised to see the switch-up, as Kante and his Mini have basically become a household tale.