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Fans Spot Huge Error In England Away Kit Embarassing Harry Kane

Fans Spot Huge Error In England Away Kit Embarassing Harry Kane

Football is no stranger to fashion fails, and no, we aren’t referring to the weird apparel choices of some players.

Instead, these include errors that relate directly to the very kits players wear, and most of them could have been avoided pretty easily.

Take for example Chelsea who audaciously forgot to pack their away kit for a trip to Coventry back in 1997, and as a result, had to wear the opposition’s away strip.

Moving away from shocking errors, we have more subtle ones, such as David Beckham’s name being misspelt during 1997’s Charity Shield game or Stevie G getting another ‘R’ in the MLS.

A far more recent case landed yesterday, during the UEFA Nations League tie between Germany and England.

Far less embarrassing than Chelsea’s, and far more bizarre than mere grammatical mistakes, this one really stands all by itself.

Contested at Wembley, the game was an absolute thriller, featuring 6 second-half goals.

The visitors maintained a 2-0 advantage heading into the 70th minute of the game before England staged an epic comeback.

Quickfire goals from Luke Shaw and Mason Mount levelled things up before Harry Kane converted from the spot in the 83rd minute.

And as the cameras closed in on the striker, fans couldn’t help but notice the absurd numerical lettering on his shirt and shorts.

By the looks of it, right below the Nike Swoosh is an upside-down 6 masquerading as the number 9.

In contrast, the shorts feature the proper letter, and the differences are pretty apparent.

There’s a False 9 joke in here somewhere… but we’re better than that.

The bizarre lettering error didn’t just affect the Three Lions skipper, as it was also spotted on the kit of his Spurs teammate, Eric Dier.

In this case, an upside-down 5 looked to be the culprit, another puzzling mistake.

One would think getting numbers right should be fairly simple, but hey, math can be hard. Nevertheless, we certainly hope that the kit man took notice.