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Spot the ridiculous height error between MLS duo Christian Benteke and Lorenzo Insigne in the first EA FC 24 trailer

Spot the ridiculous height error between MLS duo Christian Benteke and Lorenzo Insigne in the first EA FC 24 trailer

The much-anticipated trailer for EA Sports’ FC 24 was released, but with a glaring error that involved Christian Benteke and Lorenzo Insigne. The upcoming video game, which is going through a face-lift after ending ties with FIFA, has signed up licenses with the top leagues and major players.

That is why the FC 24 trailer was filled with some of football’s most prominent names. It was a unique way of showing their star-studded lineup – with animated versions of footballers featuring in the trailer.

Who features in FC 24’s trailer and cover photo?

The cover star for FC 24 is yet to be revealed, but the likes of Erling Haaland, Marcus Rashford and Vinicius Jr can be seen in the Ultimate Edition cover. It also featured football legend like David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane and Andrea Pirlo.

The trailer, however, wasn’t as glittering as the initial promotional picture. As a matter of fact, it actually had some inaccuracies in it. The face models of some footballers don’t appear to be perfect yet. Moreover, there are also issues with the physical structure of some players too.

Fans have noticed a rather strange error involving former Liverpool forward Christian Benteke and ex-Napoli star Lorenzo Insigne. Both are currently playing in the MLS, with the Belgian striker plying his trade at DC United and the Italian star leading the attack for Toronto FC.

Explaining the error involving Christian Benteke and Lorenzo Insigne

In the trailer, the MLS also got some cloud at one point – with Benteke and Insigne interacting with each other via their in-game models, with Chelsea star Sam Kerr also being seen in that shot. However, EA appears to have made a really embarrassing error with the character model of these two players.

That is because, in that shot, both Benteke and Insigne appear to be of the same height. In reality, however, that isn’t the case at all. The DC United striker is known for being quite the physical specimen and a towering figure. Benteke is 6’3′ – and he towers over the infamously short Insigne – who is just about 5’4′.

The former Napoli star was often the butt of height jokes in Italy. The club even used to tease him by pairing him with the tallest mascot during matches, which has since become a viral meme. Even though the face models of the two players seem to be fine, it’s illogical for them to be talking to each other in the same height when that is clearly not the case.

It looks like EA forgot to map out their heights and structure properly before adding them to the trailer. There are also some other slight errors that the video game company has made before the release of FC 24.

Fans have noticed inaccuracies and issues in the facial appearance of some players in the cover picture. The lack of expression on Andrea Pirlo has been heavily mocked. Moreover, some feel like they haven’t nailed Ruud Gullit’s appearance either.

When it comes to more questions around height issues, some fans are also confused over the change in the Ultimate Team format. EA have announced that in FC 24, male and female players can be mixed into the same team. There is confusion over how this will work and how the female players can match up to the more physical and taller male counter-parts.

It appears that EA might be moving away from the ‘realism’ aspect of these games and giving it a more arcade-like feel to pander to a more wider audience – even if it comes with certain errors.