This is what you get when you have fans who …

Comment on (Photo) The heartbreaking moment between Mo Salah and Jurgen Klopp in the tunnel after West Ham draw by Leo.

This is what you get when you have fans who only sing when you score and win.

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Perhaps the most heartbreaking photo doing the rounds among Liverpool fans currently
The problem with Gomez is that when he comes back, he will never be as god as he was before it.
Just as Clyne and any young player who is developing.

(Image) Straight Outta Anfield – An absolutely sick edit of Liverpool’s current attacking quintet has dropped online
Let’s win a trophy first, and you can make anyone ‘Gangsta’.
At the moment, they have accomplished nothing for Liverpool.

(Image) Mo Salah absolutely loves Xherdan Shaqiri and this picture from Liverpool v Cardiff proves it
These guys eat, drink, work together. They all love each other. The media on the other hand thinjs everyone is like them: cillegues who hate one another and make all these fake news stories about the players who must laugh their head off when they rrad most of them.

(Video) Alisson’s intelligence in fully display during Liverpool’s 1-0 win against Huddersfield
All good, but the problem was all the missing players who should take of the ‘second ball’ that we got used to from the front 3 last year.

(Video) Compare David de Gea’s face to Mo Salah’s after Noel Gallagher’s dig at Man United in the FIFA event
No Way … He didn’t !!!
No wonder why they lost the following day to Derby County