Keeping up with the Armenians?

Arsenal fans have called out Kim Kardashian and labelled her a “disgrace”.

The comments come have after Armenian midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan had officially announced that he will not travel with the Arsenal squad for the UEFA Europa League final in Baku.

Kim Kardashian is of Armenian descent and last visited the country in 2015. The fans are furious and have lashed out at the media personality who is currently pursuing a career in law.

The political tension between Azerbaijan and Armenia have led to the Arsenal play-maker missing out on the final.

Nagorno-Karabakh is the region that both countries are fighting for. The factors are both territorial and ethnic. Hence, Mkhitaryan travelling to Azerbaijan would be a huge security concern.

Arsenal fans are still hoping that via Kim Kardashian and her social media following, the venue might be changed. Majority of the fans however are furious that Kim isn’t using her influence over the matter. Some however, see the funny side of it.

“Lmfao I’m sure Kim Kardashian is very attentive to all things involving Henrikh Mkhitaryan and his fight to play in a competition she’s probably never heard of in a sport she probably doesn’t care about 9,000 miles away”

— Pelusa (@LaReinaMerengue)

Arsenal players and their views on the matter

The players are understandably furious over the matter. Club captain Laurent Koscielny spoke against UEFA for their choice of the venue. Mustafi says it’s a “shame” that Henrikh Mkhitaryan will not be able to play the final.

When one country has a political problem with another then UEFA shouldn’t give the final to that country.

We want Mkhi with us because he is an important player for Arsenal. But we know about the problems and if he thinks he can’t be safe it’s better for him to stay here.

This final is very far for the fans of both teams and it’s difficult and very expensive to travel to Baku. We will play the game but it’s not the final we dreamed of.”

Laurent Koscielny, club captain of Arsenal also expressed his views.
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