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FIFA make huge Lionel Messi error on official website

FIFA make huge Lionel Messi error on official website

While FIFA is the world’s biggest authority on international football it’s safe to say that the organization hasn’t always been adored by fans of the beautiful game.

From corruption cases to some very questionable governing decisions, the regulatory body has had some bad blood with fans for some time now.

The already fragile relationship seems to have taken another hit after some supporters noticed how FIFA made some big errors regarding Lionel Messi’s goal scoring hauls in the knockout stages of last season’s Champions League.

Messi took Europe’s golden boot home by some margin (12 goals), scoring braces in all of the knockout stage ties before Barcelona was ousted by Liverpool in the semi-final stage.

But the administrators working behind FIFA’s official website clearly didn’t check the numbers well enough before publishing an article about each player’s qualifications for the Best awards for 2019 and goofed up details about Messi’s scoring feats during the knockout stages of the European competition.

Screenshot from the official FIFA website

Making errors about Messi’s exploits in not just one but all 3 of Barca’s ties last year has irked several fans on Twitter with some even exploring the possibility of a greater conspiracy taking place to play down Messi’s claims to win the Men’s Player category in the upcoming Best FIFA awards.