Football fans react as VAR monitor appears on Liverpool bench during Norwich win


After their Champions League victory last year, Liverpool have become near impenetrable, not having lost a single game throughout all of this season.

This has allowed them to open a commanding twenty five point lead over nearest rivals Manchester City, with it being a certainty that the title is theirs for the taking.

With nothing to troll for when it comes to the footballing side of the Reds, rival fans have often taken to internet with claims that newly-introduced VAR has been a major factor in Liverpool being so dominant in the league.

A conspiracy theory well & truly put to to bed by Sky Sports few days ago –

Despite the study from Sky Sports, the allegations have increased so much that at this point it is basically a meme, with names like “LiVARpool” being bandied about by fans of other PL clubs.

Which is why the internet exploded when a VAR monitor was spotted being placed on the Liverpool bench during their 1-0 win against Norwich City at Carrow Road on Saturday.

Football fans on Twitter quipped on about how VAR had now stopped being discreet about its allegiance and even Liverpool fans joined in on the action because why not –

By Prahlad Rao

Extremely passionate about all things football (NOT soccer), I have been working as a freelance journalist for five years now. I am massively invested in the English leagues and would very much like the present season to make a comeback on the telly, thank you.

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