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Odion Ighalo uploaded a whopping 57 Instagram stories after playing 5 minutes for Manchester United

Odion Ighalo uploaded a whopping 57 Instagram stories after playing 5 minutes for Manchester United

One of the most talked about signings from the January transfer window has to be Orion Ighalo.

The Nigerian forward was snapped up by the Red Devils late into deadline day, as United finally acquired what they were looking for- a makeshift replacement for the injured Marcus Rashford.

Now, while there has been a lot of doubt over Ighalo’s ability, it has to be said that the man has a lot of fans. Even the detractors find it to be undeniable that Odion is very loyal to the club, having been a United fan from his childhood. The lad obviously feels like he is now living his dream, having completed the move to his favourite club.

From the moment that he joined the club, stories have emerged of the effort he’s been putting into training himself for the rigors of the Premier League.

Having been given a second shot at English top flight after parting ways with Watford, the lad is buzzing about the opportunity.

He got a taste of this yesterday, where Manchester United completed a fantastic 2-0 victory over Chelsea that was not without controversy.

Though the man didn’t get significant playtime, coming in for Anthony Martial at the end of regular time for five minutes of injury time, it turned out that he was extremely grateful for whatever he got.

The evidence? Ighalo’s Instagram, where, to fans’ amazement, he put up a whopping 57 stories related to the match.

Most of them were replying to the many people, including his teammates, who congratulated him on his debut, thanking them for their wishes.

Screenshot of Ighalo’s Instagram account after win against Chelsea

Of course, also of note was that he made a minor piece of club history, being the 200th player in a United shirt in the Premier League era, along with being the first Nigerian to ever play for them.

All in all, not a bad start for the lad at the club of his dreams.

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