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Fabinho’s Performance at Al Ittihad Raises Eyebrows: ‘Running Around like Chunkz’

Fabinho’s Performance at Al Ittihad Raises Eyebrows: ‘Running Around like Chunkz’

Disparities in the Saudi League in terms of pay structure or the gulf in class in the quality of the players are akin to differences between the sea and the hills.

Football though as a sport has always been a great leveler, living up to that reputation even in a league that with each passing day looks more like the wild west.

Al-Akhdoud may have lost to Al-Ittihad by a goal courtesy of Karim Benzema but it was Akhdoud’s centre forward Leandre Tawabe’s nutmegging of Fabinho that became a much-talked highlight from the game.

Saudi League’s official X page shared the clipping of Tawabe getting one over Fabinho quickly garnering the attention of the fans.

Fabinho’s departure to Al-Ittihad from Liverpool may have been unprecedented at the time but was something that was probably on the cards for some period.

Fabinho’s last eighteen months in the Premier League were riddled with below-par performances. He was simply struggling to keep up with the pace of the game.

The Brazilian midfielder was once the key cog in Jurgen Klopp’s midfield but his rapid fall from grace was largely due to him losing his running prowess faster than what is normal for a player of his age.

As the saying goes his legs were gone. Liverpool fans will be much aware of Fabinho’s slow movement, especially off the ball and such shortcomings of the midfielder were on display again against Al-Akhdoud.

Fabinho was jogging on to disrupt the play of Akhdoud with Tawabe in possession, in a manner much similar to warm up practices perhaps before a friendly game.

Tawabe easily passed the ball to his teammate bypassing an extremely slow incoming Fabinho.

Fans on social media couldn’t discern whether Fabinho has completely lost all those playing attributes that once helped Liverpool win the Premier League or he has only dwindled interest for the game.

Many new signings in the Saudi league are indeed playing for the money as former Watford and United forward, Odion Ighalo would suffice.

Fabinho’s loss in form or playing quality to be more accurate is almost a case that deserves curious observation.

Bereft of any serious injuries, was it the constant overplaying every season that led to the player he has become now?

It is hard to imagine given the way Fabinho either due to lack of his own quality or interest in the match where his team is only ahead by a goal, will continue to play beyond the early thirties.

Liverpool fans will be thanking their stars for witnessing these clips, they sold him at the perfect time replacing him with Mac Allister and Szoboszlai.

Fabinho’s mammoth salary at Al Ittihad

Fabinho is reportedly earning a staggering annual salary of £36.4 million with his current club Al-Ittihad. remuneration package that places him firmly among the highest-paid footballers in the world. To put this astronomical figure into perspective, his weekly earnings alone stand at an eye-popping £700,000