Erling Haaland’s arrogant Snapchat before the game might have been the reason PSG players mocked him all night long

As much as the fans enjoy and love the action on the pitch, it was the noise off the pitch that had the social media buzzing.

After defeating Dortmund by 2-0 and winning the tie by 3-2, and finally qualifying for the quarterfinals of the Champions league after losing at this stage in the last two seasons, surprisingly the talking point was the celebration of the PSG players.

PSG celebrated their win by doing Dortmund star Erling Haaland’s celebration from the first leg, which attracted some criticisms from fans and pundits alike.

Gary Lineker said that PSG players lacked class and some even called the behaviour childish. But what was the reason that prompted the PSG players to do this? Were they really childish? Was it just a celebration or a “response”?

Apparently Haaland had posted this on his Snapchat from his hotel room before the tie claiming, Paris- My city, not yours.

Naturally, this didn’t go down well with Neymar, Mbappe and stars of PSG as it reflected in the celebrations.

It didn’t just end there. There was more to come. As Mbappe went live on his Instagram and the players once again mocked Haaland by doing his celebration.

Neymar clapped back to Haaland’s Snapchat from his social media with a reply of his own.

Victory clearly meant a lot to the club and the players as they celebrated from the top tier of the Parc des Princes stadium with the thousands of fans waiting outside as the match was played in an empty stadium due to the threat of Coronavirus.

Haaland vs PSG surely had everyone divided, some feeling the celebrations was trolling at its finest while others were of the view that it lacked professionalism, but I suppose we could all agree that this whole saga surely did present entertainment on and as well as off the pitch.