Amazing edit shows how new signing Hakim Ziyech would look like in Chelsea blue next season


Chelsea legend and current manager Frank Lampard has his eyes set firm on securing the Champions League spot for the Blues this campaign.

However, the excitement for the next season is already brimming amongst the Chelsea faithful. A couple of prodigious signings from the transfer market has set the tone for the 20/21 season.

Splashing in £33.6million for Ajax’s Hakim Ziyech and £48million for RB Leipzig’s Timo Werner is a testament that Roman Abramovich won’t hold back in terms of further signings.

According to several reports, Chelsea are have set sights on Ben Chilwell and Kai Havertz as their next prime targets. All of this, coupled with Frank Lampard’s ingenuity, points towards the making of a very strong contender in all fronts.

Needless to say, the Blues faithful are filled with enthusiasm and, for the time being, have earned the bragging rights on the internet as far as transfer deals are concerned.

With the leaks of next season’s home kit popping up online, the Photoshop virtuosos of the Chelsea fanbase soon got to work.

Twitter user @JoeHuxley2 decided to create this sick edit, showcasing new signing Ziyech in the Chelsea blue. The illustration explores every Chelsea fan’s imagination of what is to come in the proceeding seasons.

By Prabhat Vaibhav

A Bavarian through and through. Always appreciate quality football, wherever it may come from. Premier League and Bundesliga are my jam.

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