AFTV member Claude in hot waters for using possible racial slur against Tottenham star Son Heung-min

Celebrity fan Claude is being called out for possibly using a racial slur towards Son Heung-min

Tottenham Hotspur earned the bragging rights as they came back in the game to win 2-1 against Arsenal on Sunday.

Popular Arsenal fan channel AFTV covered the game live for their followers on YouTube.

Soon after the match was over, Tottenham fans noticed what Claude said around the same time when Son Heung-min was taken off for Erik Lamela in the 4th minute of injury time.

The AFTV member could be heard saying “DVD’s going off” towards the end of the game on Sunday.

The word DVD is considered to be a racial slur when it’s being directed at an Asian person.

The South Korean international was previously subjected to the same slur by Millwall fans back in 2017 and West Ham fans in 2019.

Check out the clip causing controversy from AFTV’s live coverage below –

Claude has since then responded to the allegations and claimed what he said was intended as a joke about Spurs releasing a DVD about the win –

Update – Claude has now issued an apology regarding his comments during the game.