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Vile – Ozan Kabak spits on Ludwig Augustinsson for going down too easy after a tackle

Vile – Ozan Kabak spits on Ludwig Augustinsson for going down too easy after a tackle

Football is widely considered as the beautiful game loved all across the world, with some incredible moments involving innate professionals which makes one fall in love with the sport over and over again.

But it also has its share of unprofessional disgusting moments which should not take place hardly anywhere, let aside on a football pitch.

One such vile instance was produced when Werder Bremen played against Schalke in the Bundesliga yesterday, when Schalke defender Ozan Kabak spit on Werder Bremen’s Ludwig Augustinsson.

It was an instance of gross, unsportsmanlike conduct from the Turkish centre back as he spit on an opponent player after a tackle.

Bremen were only 1-0 up against Schalke in the Veltins Arena when Kabak challenged Augustinsson on the left flank, and spit on him as he thought the left back went down a bit too easily after the tackle was made.

Check out the incident below –

Schalke went on to lose the match 3-1 at home after conceding a hat trick from Niclas Füllkrug, as they continue their losing streak in the Bundesliga.

And though Kabak apologized after the match on Twitter, claiming it to be an accident, the DFB are looking into the incident in order to award a retrospective ban to the 20-year old: his apology does not make amends for his disgusting act which is against all ideals established by footballing authorities regarding professional behaviour in the game.

Manager David Wagner was relieved of his duties after the match, as Schalke went without a win in their last 18 games, drawing 6 and losing the other 12: scoring only 6 and conceding 31 goals in the process.

With their manager sacked two games into the season, Schalke now look like an inevitable relegation candidate, unless they pull off an insane turnaround in proceedings in order to save their sinking ship.