Son And Benteke wrestle each other whilst everyone else took the knee before kickoff at Selhurst Park

Son Heung-min And Christian Benteke wrestle each other whilst everyone else takes the knee

We can guarantee this is the funniest thing you will see today!

Crystal Palace and Tottenham Hotspur forwards Christian Benteke and Son Heung-min were found too eager to get on with the game earlier today.

It has become customary to see players kneel before a game in support of the global Black Lives Matter movement but it looks like Son and Benteke didn’t get that memo.

Cameras caught both the players being involved in a tussle whilst everyone else took the knee when the referee blew his whistle at Selhurst Park.

The hilarious moment also shows the level of concentration Mourinho demands of his players as it was Benteke who mistook the beep with the start of the match whilst Son merely reacted to stop the Belgian’s movement.

The best thing was how both the players got back to kneeling like nothing had happened, check out the incident below –


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