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Shane Duffy engaged in ugly exchange with football fan on Instagram

Shane Duffy engaged in ugly exchange with football fan on Instagram

Footballers have been left far more exposed to criticism in the social media generation. While some footballers under pressure decide to turn a blind eye to the detractors by switching their comments off on social media, some others decide to take matters into their own hands by facing their criticism in an upfront manner.

Centre back Shane Duffy who is currently on loan at Celtic proved to be one of the instances of the latter kind of footballers when he got himself involved in an ugly war of words with a critic on Instagram.

Duffy has been under the microscope following a lacklustre loan spell at Celtic, ever since the centre back on loan from Brighton and Hove Albion made a glaring mistake that led to Celtic conceding a goal against St Mirren three weeks ago – a match they eventually lost 2-1.

The Republic of Ireland defender’s form has not picked up over the past few weeks, and it is safe to say that the Celtic faithful have not taken lightly to Duffy’s below-par form.

Quite unsurprisingly, when Duffy commented on former WBC Cruiserweight World Champion Tony Bellew’s post, his comment was infiltrated by a critic, who attacked the centre back on grounds of his recent poor form. Instead of turning a blind eye, Duffy retorted with full steam with quite a personal jibe on his critic.

The exchange only got uglier when the fan asked Duffy to “do everyone a favour and retire”, to which the centre back replied with another personal jibe – Duffy promised to sort the fan’s teeth out after he retires.

The heated conversation between footballer and fan was something of a very ugly and unprofessional nature, to say the least, and it was another embarrassing moment in what has been a very disastrous loan spell for Shane Duffy in the Scottish Premiership.

Via @KerryFail, check out a screenshot of the comments Duffy made on Instagram –