Alphonso Davies’ priceless reaction as teenage girl chooses Andy Robertson as better left-back over him during a Q&A on Omegle

Alphonso Davies is one of the best left-backs in the world at the moment. The Canadian is rapid and can beat any defender in the world with his quick turn of pace, as known from his exploits last season which ended with Bayern Munich winning the UEFA Champions League after one of the most dominant campaigns in recent history.

Davies’ raw, blistering pace helps him trackback to help his team while defending as well, making him a complete fullback in the truest sense of the phrase – and his name often comes up alongside Liverpool’s Andrew Robertson in the debate to crown the best left-back in world football.

While it is very difficult to choose one between the two, it did not prove to be so when Davies himself put forward this question to a teenage girl while participating in a questionnaire with fans on Omegle.

Omegle is a website where one can chat with total strangers over a video call, and Davies is not the first celebrity to use the app for a reaction – although his decision to use the app backfired when the unbeknownst fan was confident and brutal in her choice of the best full-back in world football.

The teenage girl did not take more than a second to answer Davies’ question and was brutal in her reply as not only did she pick Robertson – but also added to his embarrassment by saying that the choice was quite “easy” to make. A flustered Davies clearly did not take it very badly, although he did ask for confirmation if the choice was easy indeed.

Robertson is one of the very best in the world at his position in his own right, having been an integral part of Jurgen Klopp’s team which won the Champions League and the Premier League in back to back seasons.

A flip of a coin might be needed to separate the two world-class footballers on top of their form, but much to the 20-year-old Davies’ surprise – the decision to choose one between the two was not nearly as hard for the stranger who he was conversing with. Davies’ reaction was hilarious to say the least, as the snippet of the Omegle call went viral overnight on social media.