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Should Chelsea fans be worried about Christian Pulisic liking an Instagram post about shooting Antifa members

Should Chelsea fans be worried about Christian Pulisic liking an Instagram post about shooting Antifa members

Christian Pulisic is in his own right, one of the biggest names in football at the moment. The Chelsea forward hailing from Hershey, Pennsylvania has carved out a niche for himself by being the American poster boy in the game of football. Safe to say he is a very talented footballer who is currently plying his trade at the topmost level of football.

As a result of his status as a football superstar, the ex-Borussia Dortmund forward’s influence is second to no other footballer in his homeland – and he is also certain to come off as a figure of inspiration to numerous young and very impressionable football fans around the world.

So when someone of the status of Christian Pulisic does something that he shouldn’t – be it on the pitch or off it – it is certain to get a lot of people talking about it.

Controversial like on Instagram

Pulisic has recently done the rounds on social media platforms – not for footballing reasons – but because he liked an Instagram post about shooting members of an anti-fascist organisation.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted the American forward liking a former member of US Soccer Athletes’ Council named Seth Jahn’s post on Instagram dating back to June 2020 – a post which features Jahn posing with a lot of ammunition, while discussing shooting members of Antifa.

Jahn is a notorious personality in his own right – the 38-year-old was removed from the US Soccer Federation Athletes’ Council yesterday, a day after he made a speech at the federation’s annual general meeting, in which he downplayed the effects of slavery in the United States.

Jahn’s post discussed shooting members of Antifa – a left-wing, anti-fascist and anti-racist organization in the USA. Antifa is known for engaging in protest tactics seeking to combat fascists and racists such as neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other far-right extremists.


Chelsea have been a club that has been struggling with racism issues in the recent past – a fan was banned for a lifetime from attending games at Stamford Bridge not too long ago for aiming racist abuse at Raheem Sterling.

With the work that Roman Abramovich has put in in recent years to handle and curb the racial problems that have plagued his club in the past, Chelsea fans would be worried to find their very own superstar making the news for the wrong reason – as they are likely to want to see his return to form after being troubled by injury issues in what has been a frustrating season for the American.