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Fan Theory: Spurs chairman Daniel Levy is trying to entice Saudi investors into the club

Fan Theory: Spurs chairman Daniel Levy is trying to entice Saudi investors into the club

Daniel Levy has created quite a reputation for himself in his years in charge of Tottenham Hotspur. The Spurs chairman is known for being a tough nut to crack – Levy is a particularly hard person to negotiate with and is not known for splashing the cash when it comes to transfer acquisitions.

But that might soon be a thing in the past with new Saudi investment – according to a fan theory that has recently been doing the rounds on Twitter.

A tweet by Turki Al-Sheikh, Saudi Arabia’s Royal Court Advisor and the Head of Entertainment revealed that Levy had sent him a book about the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – a colossal piece of architecture that can boast of being the best football stadium in the country.

The tweet sent Spurs fans on Twitter into speculating the reason behind Levy’s gesture towards the Saudi Advisor, who boasts of 4.2 million followers on the microblogging platform. While some figured out that Levy must be trying to get Al-Sheikh to buy the naming rights to the stadium, a section of hopeful Spurs fans speculated that Levy might also be trying to get the Saudi royals to invest in Spurs.

Who is Turki Al-Sheikh

Al-Sheikh is one of the most important people in the country when it comes to sport, being appointed head of the General Sports Authority in 2017 – and head of the General Authority for Entertainment in 2018.

Al-Sheikh has a history of being interested to run a football club – his investment in Spanish outfit UD Almeria makes him the owner of the club since 2019.

Al-Sheikh has previously been the owner of Egyptian club Pyramids FC, while also being named as the Honorary President of Sudanese side Al-Hilal in 2020.

Besides the resources, Al-Sheikh’s connections and influence across the world – if invested into Spurs, might provide the team just what it takes to go from contender to a genuine challenger.

Human rights issue

Fans know what a Saudi investment into the club is likely to bring – some of the top players in the world who will bridge the gap that Jose Mourinho’s Spurs side are trying to cover with the top teams in the league.

The Special One might just love the potential investments as a contrast to Spurs’ limited resources, as he looks to finally help end the club and the fans’ wait for a first major trophy in 13 years.

However, a section of the Spurs supporters do not seem to want anything to do with the Saudi money despite the rumours – they do not want their beloved club’s legacy to be besmirched by the Saudi owners with their history with human rights issues – even at the cost of potentially serious silverware.