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4 ways Twitter paid tribute to Marcelo Bielsa following his sacking

4 ways Twitter paid tribute to Marcelo Bielsa following his sacking

A short while ago, Leeds United confirmed the termination of Marcelo Bielsa as manager after 4 years at the helm of the peacocks. The decision comes due to a turbulent campaign so far for the Whites, and they currently sit 2 points off the relegation zone.

Leeds also set an unfortunate record this month, as they conceded 20 goals in February in the league. 

Despite all the blushes, the Argentine’s reign at the club will undoubtedly be remembered fondly. 

The enigmatic Argentine brought hope and belief to a fanbase who considered their club to be ‘unmanageable’. 

From ‘murder ball’ to his faithful buckets, Bielsa has certainly left a cultural impact on the league, and many fans online were saddened to hear about the departure of ‘El Loco’. 

An entertainer –

There aren’t many coaches in the world who have the privilege of being known as a ‘madman’ and still be held in high regard, Bielsa was one such figure. The Argentine bizarrely spectated games from the comfort of a solitary bucket and in the era of vocal, expressive coaches, Bielsa was a rather reserved one. Nevertheless, whenever the Argentine chose to express himself, he certainly made it memorable. And under his reign, Leeds United were one of the most entertaining sides in the Premier League. 

An authentic character –

Bielsa always spoke his mind, through a translator of course. The Argentine was not one for mincing words or answering diplomatically, a prime example is the iconic press conference, one in which he tactically broke down rivals Derby County. Aside from this, there are no doubts that at his core, Bielsa was a football person, and by the end of his reign, he was all Leeds. 

Galvanized a whole city –

To say Bielsa changed Leeds’ culture would be an understatement. Fans saw managers come and go, none offering a ray of hope, and then out of nowhere came along a 62-year-old Argentine with an insane reputation. 

While his style of play was often high stakes, the Argentine made Whites’ fans believe they can take on anyone, and a glance at the side’s stats confirm that his players felt so as well. He leaves the Peacocks with more fond memories than unsavoury and has undoubtedly changed their modern history for the better. 

Spare a thought for the translator –

A signature sight of Bielsa’s reign was the appearance of this gentleman, namely Andres Clavijo. While his job distinction was of 1st Team Performance analyst, many know him for translating Bielsa’s thoughts for the audience. Perhaps it was a compliment that Bielsa trusted only Andres to convey his thoughts with utmost sanctity.