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Why should football bettors look towards the relegation battle for more exciting wagering opportunities?

Why should football bettors look towards the relegation battle for more exciting wagering opportunities?

Football is still the biggest sport around the UK. This is no surprise when you think top competitions like the Premier League pull in huge audiences for games and deliver awesome action for fans to follow. It is not just watching the sport which people like to do though. Many also choose to bet on football to add more thrills into following the game. 

If you like to bet on this sport, looking towards the bottom of the table come season end can often throw up more thrilling betting opportunities. A good tip to really make the most of this is following the latest football betting stories at the Premiership Bets site. This handy site brings together the top stories in football to dive into and makes it simple to find out key information to factor in when making bets. 

In terms of betting on the upcoming relegation battle, finding out which sides have sacked someone recently or have seen arguments in the squad, for example, can prove valuable when looking at bets to make. But why should you look down the table and not up for betting at season end? 

Betting on relegation scrap is more exciting 

One reason why bettors might want to look towards the relegation battle at the end of the season is the extra excitement it delivers. Betting on who will win the league is just a lot more boring, as you can practically name who it will be months before the campaign finishes. The relegation scrap is different each year, more unpredictable and more exciting to wager on as a result. 

The range of markets for betting on the relegation battle is tempting 

Another reason why football bettors might choose to focus on the relegation fight is that it offers up a wide range of fun markets to wager on. While some could be accessed through betting on sides higher up in the table, some will not be open to you. This could include whether a side will go down, if they will sack their manager before season end or whether they will come straight back up into the Premier League next year. 

Betting on relegation-threatened sides can pay off 

Many people will choose to bet on sides involved in the relegation scrap for the high odds they bring. If a side like Norwich is playing a team like Tottenham away, for example, you might get high odds for Norwich to win. As they are fighting to survive, they might put in more effort than Tottenham and pinch a shock victory. This example shows how betting on teams in a relegation battle can net you more profits than the small amounts you would make backing top sides each match.

Relegation fight can be fun to bet on 

Football is a funny old game, as the Harry Maguire being reported for impersonating a football player incident shows. It is also a popular sport to bet on and the above shows a few different reasons why wagering on relegation-threatened teams as the season ends is an option.