Lacazette has bald head rubbed by Ben White in oddest goal celebration ever

Arsenal are looking like a calm and evolved side which has slowly but successfully adapted the tactical nuances of Arteta. The young side, boosted by the midfield brilliance of Odegaard, ran riot in during the 2-0 win against Leicester City.

However, a clip has surfaced in social media which has led to prove the ‘synergy’ of the players beyond any doubt, while providing ample humour.

After scoring the second of the game, Lacazette went on to celebrate in a huddle with his teammates. Little did he expect that Ben White would shower his love by rubbing his hairless scalp.

While most of the fans are curious why such an act of endearment was done amidst cameras, some are calling it the “moment of the game”.

Whatever the reason may be, the incident shows the team spirit, however odd, that Arteta has helped developed in this Arsenal side

Arsenal are finally playing in rhythm and have embraced the Arteta way of play. The proof lies in the statistics, as they challenge Chelsea for their prestigious 3rd spot in the table.

And when instances such as this happen, rubbing heads might bring up the genie Arsenal needs to wish for a top-three finish.

Here’s the reaction on Twitter to Ben White rubbing Lacazette’s bald head –