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What does Chicharito do well? LA Galaxy star shows his brand of football in new clip

What does Chicharito do well? LA Galaxy star shows his brand of football in new clip

Fairytale stories in football don’t come around often, and most just fade into obscurity becoming a case of wasted potential. Those that make it are etched into the history books, others, unfortunately, are forgotten. 

Such was the case for Javier Hernandez in European Football. 

Nicknamed ‘Chicharito’, a seemingly unknown entity from Guadalajara burst onto the scene with Manchester United, and even scored 20 goals during his debut season. 

Unfortunate injuries followed and the promise dwindled, what followed were ventures to Spain and Germany before an uneventful return to the Premier League. 

Now plying his trade with LA Galaxy in the MLS, the Mexican’s European endeavour looks done and dusted. 

However, as seen in this viral clip, Chicharito has still got it. 

During his time at United, Hernandez was known for being an excellent poacher and scored many goals from close range. His movement off the ball was highly revered, and the former West Ham man usually managed to sneak up behind defenders with instinctive runs.

During his rough patch, questions were raised about the striker’s strengths, this clip is sure to clear any doubts about the ‘brand’ of forward Hernandez is. 

As seen in the clip during the win against Portland Timbers, the 33-year-old finds himself near the edge of the box, rushing in to meet a cross. He then makes dizzying movements, feigning runs inward and outward, his marker can only helplessly look over his shoulder in an attempt to keep up with the striker.

Nevertheless, it’s too late, Chicharito slips away at a breakneck pace. 

His intelligent move made the chance all the more easy, unmarked and 2 meters away from the net, Hernandez was never going to miss.

For the uninitiated, the Mexican is actually relishing his stint at LA Galaxy so far. With 23 goals in 38 appearances in total, Chicharito looks all set to challenge for the MLS top scorer crown this season.