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Mexican Jamie Carragher: Former Man United Player Chicharito Reveals Shocking English accent

Mexican Jamie Carragher: Former Man United Player Chicharito Reveals Shocking English accent

Throughout his career, Javier Hernandez or ‘Chicharito’ has been able to play in a number of leagues and teams. The Mexican striker has played football at Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bayer Leverkusen, West Ham and Sevilla during his European career. Following this vast tour, now at the age of 34 Chicharito is still going strong as he plays for MLS side LA Galaxy.

In retrospect, his five-year spell at Manchester United perhaps proved to be crucial in moulding the Mexican goal-poacher as a cult figure in European football, someone capable of producing magical moments in spells. Furthermore, it also presented other clubs with a clear idea of what he can bring to a team.

For instance, then European Champions Real Madrid signed Chicharito on a season-long loan as a backup option for Karim Benzema following the departure of Alvaro Morata in 2014. Surely enough, the Mexican delivered precisely that by registering 8 goals and 4 assists in all competitions. His attacking output culminated in a stoppage-time winner against Real’s city rivals Atletico during the Champions League Quarter-Finals.

While his time in Spain and England has made him a household name amongst football fans, it looks like Chicharito still has a few surprises for supporters even at the age of 34.

As he was speaking to the media ahead of the MLS All-Stars game in Minneapolis on Thursday, Chicharito touched upon the struggles of replacing Sir Alex Ferguson when quizzed about Erik ten Hag’s poor start to the season.

As poignant as he was in dissecting the current situation at his old club, Hernandez surprised football fans with his distinct English accent while speaking to the press.

Having joined United back in 2010, it looks like Chicharito quickly picked up fluency in English as he did his first interview after signing the contract in the same tongue.

Eight years ahead even while speaking in an interview ahead of the 2018 World Cup, the Mexican did not seem to have any recognizable English accent. This is quite surprising because it is a common habit for foreign players arriving in England to pick up a Cockney or Scouse twang.  

What is even more surprising is that it looks like Chicharito began to slowly develop an accent resembling the Scouse tongue of the likes of Jamie Carragher during his time in the US.

Right from his first interview after switching to LA Galaxy, the 34-year-old appeared to sport this unique tone of voice which seems to be a mix of varying English accents.

Given his vast footballing knowledge thanks to his time in Spain, England and Germany, it would not be long before the Mexican international receives offers to be a pundit for major studios. Following this latest discovery about Chicharito’s accent, perhaps football fans would be looking forward to watching the striker be included in the studio line-up with Jaime Carragher which would surely be an amusing spectacle.