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The Photographer Joke Real Madrid Fans are Making after Luka Modric Signs New Contract

The Photographer Joke Real Madrid Fans are Making after Luka Modric Signs New Contract

On the back of their legendary old guard, miraculous remontada’s and magical nights at the Bernabeu, Real Madrid lifted the ‘Big Ears’ for the 14th time in their storied history. 

A 1-0 triumph over Liverpool in Paris brought La Catorce home, despite being far from the favourites this season. And Madridistas were treated to the latest edition of an iconic video, and a sight they’re practically used to at this point. 

President Florentino Perez looked as solemn as ever, as he placed Real’s latest conquest in the picturesque trophy room. Another feature of the clip was the cameraman tracing back his steps in an effort to capture all 14 UCLs, certainly a luxurious problem to have. 

The glorious sights didn’t stop there, as images from a classic tradition emerged, this time with La Catorce in the background as well. 

At the heart of Madrid’s UCL triumph was the majestic Luka Modric, brushing aside all the age concerns the Croatian proved that it is merely a number. 

The 36-year-old has opted to remain at the club and signed an extension for next season. 

Naturally, a photoshoot in front of the iconic trophy case followed, Modric’s 5th since joining Los Blancos. And the highly chipper fanbase hasn’t stopped marvelling at and joking about the images since. 

This comparison shot featuring all 5 really highlights the Croatian’s accomplishments at the club. 

Dating back to 2012, the first one displays a fresh-faced Modric with plenty to prove, no La Decima in the background let alone the 14th.

Fast forward to today, and the cabinet certainly seems a lot wider. 

Also worth noting is how keen Perez looks on nabbing Modric’s jersey, with it drifting away from the Croatian’s reach on every occasion. In the latest one, he merely holds onto the sleeve, one would think the President is the one signing an extension if they didn’t know any better.

Fans also couldn’t help but joke about how the focal distance looks to increase on every occasion, owing to the ever-expanding trophy cabinet. While the latest one still offers up a decent look at the pair, if the trend continues, we’ll be zooming in frantically just to catch the smile on the Croatian’s face. 

First-world problems eh?