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Cristiano Ronaldo makes ballboy’s day, while Bernardo ruins linesman with nutmeg

Cristiano Ronaldo makes ballboy’s day, while Bernardo ruins linesman with nutmeg

The UEFA Nations League hasn’t exactly provided fans their post-season footy fix, as the fixtures, which are essentially World Cup warm-ups, have fallen on the mundane side mostly. Those who tuned into the Group 2 fixture between Portugal and the Czech Republic witnessed an uneventful game, eventually ending in a 2-0 victory for Portugal. 

After the game, the discourse didn’t seem to be about the match itself, as fans couldn’t stop talking about a couple of wholesome moments that didn’t go unnoticed. 

The first of these centred around Cristiano Ronaldo‘s brief interaction with a ballboy, one which fans have lauded online. 

As seen in the clip below, the Portuguese Superstar drives into the box after receiving a pass and makes his way to the byline. 

The forward then tries to execute a chipped cross, only for the goalkeeper to clear it. Visibly frustrated, Ronaldo then slams his hands on the hoardings, which is when a ball boy rushes into the frame. He runs up to CR7 and offers a high-five, the 36-year-old duly accepts giving the young lad an unforgettable moment.

His instant reaction is priceless, as he held his head in disbelief, and looked ecstatic. Fans online loved the moment, and it really displays the happiness Footballers can impart to their fans. 

The other moment arrived courtesy of Man City man Bernardo Silva being cheeky near the corner flag. 

The midfielder took charge of a corner kick but was made to wait by the linesman as the players hadn’t yet arrived in the box. As he waited, he noticed an opportunity, and he certainly had no intentions of missing out.

The 27-year-old smoothly megged the linesman, brazen, to say the least.

Fortunately for him, the linesman saw the lighter side and laughed it off, concluding a wholesome moment. However, certain fans online were of the opinion that perhaps a yellow card wouldn’t be too harsh a punishment, jokingly of course.