Twitter user proposes radical way to jazz up the transfer window

Change comes from those who dare to dream, who will re-invent and bring forward a notion that might look incendiary but will change the course of nature for the better. We may challenge such ideas at first, but once they take root, everyone wants a piece of it or, better, watch it come to fruition.

One such Twitter user has proposed a radical change to the transfer window business of football, which suggests that all football clubs should not be allowed to announce their signings during the transfer window. 

He further proposed that a massive spectacle should be organized on the weekend before the season begins where every club should be allowed to parade their new signings for the fans and for the ones who couldn’t see this dramatic shift in person, a live telecast should be programmed so that the ones at home can scream in despair or jump in elation when a player is revealed for their respective club.

This small idea has spread like wildfire and has got the fans on Twitter talking. Everyone who came across this tweet has been commenting without fail about their unfiltered excitement to see it come to life. 

For them, it can be a spectacle worthy of being bigger than an FA Cup final. Picture this: Erling Haaland is being linked to a move to Manchester City and for all its worth, the rumours and speculations clearly denote that the Norwegian will play under Pep Guardiola but on the day of revelation, that is the Deadline Day, in walks Jurgen Klopp with his hands around Haaland, introducing him as the next Liverpool legend.

Shock and awe will prevail. There will be nervy headlines throughout the transfer window. Not to mention, people biting their nails over rumours of some elite player joining their club with no confirmation until the weekend before the season begins. 

In the United States, the National Football League (NFL) hosts an NFL draft, which is an official player selection meeting. Teams choose the players on that day and it is instantly revealed who has who in his bag, much like the auction day of India’s biggest cricket league, the Indian Premier League (IPL).

But how the idea suggested above differs from NFL and IPL is that it builds a layer of secrecy and plays on the ‘wait’ factor, which might make any football fan restless and paranoid. 

If this idea is approved, there are so many factors to consider. Which team will be allowed to showcase their new signings on the Deadline Day? How long does each team have to show their signings? Will there be performances by musicians? Or is there any chance to swap players on the Deadline day by some rule?

This show will be nothing less than a Thanksgiving parade or a Christmas feast where every football fan will be glued to their channels to witness which player their team has now landed. 

Also, this might just make matters worse for someone like Fabrizio Romano, the Italian journalist and the man who confirms most of the football transfers for the fans. He will have no option but to shut shop and look for work elsewhere.

This is what a small idea can do. Bring a change that leaves everyone talking. And here’s how fans on Twitter have been doing it.