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Two Decades Later, Snoop Dogg Links Up With Chelsea Again

Two Decades Later, Snoop Dogg Links Up With Chelsea Again

For players, the solo trips are over, and it’s time for pre-season training with their clubs. These sessions are known to be brutal, as players are pushed to their limits in the name of endurance. 

Fortunately, clubs use this period to tour other nations, and attract their foreign fanbases, giving players a chance to explore, albeit on a schedule. 

Such was the case for Chelsea stars, as the side is currently in Los Angeles, with an upcoming trip to Vegas still to go. 

Their trip to the US turned into a semi-vacation, as players visited the Dodgers Stadium, which also hosted new signing Raheem Sterling’s unveiling. 

What followed was a rather unlikely linkup, as the Blues met up with Hip-Hop legend Snoop Dogg. Sporting an outfit that radiated comfort and splendour in equal measure, the artist got clicked with numerous Chelsea stars. 

This wouldn’t be the first instance that the rapper linked up with CFC, as it also happened nearly two decades ago, except with figures such as Didier Drogba, Frank Lampard etc in the frame. 

That wasn’t the only LA linkup fans were treated to, as popular YouTuber Chunkz crossed paths with Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema

The Frenchman is currently enjoying an extended vacation, but will reportedly be available for Real Madrid’s pre-season fixtures.  The two met up at Venice Beach, and Benzema stopped for a picture with the ‘Beta Squad’ member.