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The Big Leagues – KSI Strikes Arsenal Sponsorship While Chunkz Links Up with Drake

The Big Leagues – KSI Strikes Arsenal Sponsorship While Chunkz Links Up with Drake

Being a global phenomenon, football’s popularity has shown seemingly no limits. 

In fact, fans of the game are so impassioned and indulged, that they have banded together to create a separate community on the biggest media platforms. Be it Reddit, Twitter or YouTube, football fanatics have crafted their own ecosystem with its own conventions. 

Many figures have leveraged the popularity of the game to make it big, by simply making content centred around it. While examples are many, two names, in particular, stand out from the rest, as they continue to pave the way for Footy YouTubers by moving onward to bigger things. 

The pair in question are Chunkz and KSI, both of whom began their YouTube careers with a primary focus on Football related content. 

Both have since earned massive popularity, with KSI making strides in the music industry, and Chunkz becoming a regular host for Sky Sports among other things. The two recently made headlines once again, for largely separate reasons, but both showcase just how big you can make it despite humble beginnings. 

First came the Beta Squad member, who after famously linking up with Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema, has now managed to cross paths with Hip Hop sensation Drake. The Canadian artist is easily one of the most popular in the world and carries immense stardom.

While Chunkz may not be that renowned of a celeb, the rapper himself was clearly well-acquainted as the pair posed for a picture together.  Naturally, the click went viral on social media, and plenty of admiration came the YouTuber’s way. ‘

On the other hand, KSI created a new benchmark by essentially accomplishing a dream held by many football fans. The occasional boxer shocked Football Twitter by announcing an official partnership with Arsenal, of whom he has been a lifetime supporter. 

‘PRIME’, the energy drink brand founded by him and former arch-rival Logan Paul, will now be the official hydration partner of the Gunners. 

Sponsoring a mammoth like Arsenal would’ve been a distant dream for that awkward teenager screaming at pack openings on FIFA. With it now being a reality, KSI has shown off just what one can accomplish through a career on YouTube.