Explaining The Context Behind Sevilla Admin’s Kai Havertz Bin Challenge Post

Over the past couple of seasons, Sevilla’s Twitter admin has been on a mission to amuse football fans through some brilliant trolls and memes.

Some of these posts have also been inspired and influenced by prevailing trends popular in other fields such as showbiz. Back in October last year when Netflix’s hit series Squid Game was on almost everyone’s lips, Sevilla’s admin chose to use templates featuring scenes from the show to report news about the club.

The Spanish side’s admin has also used light-hearted moments from other leagues and competitions to produce content for their own account. After Sevilla, a club notoriously associated with the Europa League confirmed their qualification for the Champions League in May, the admin once again managed to deliver the news in a hilarious fashion. Instead of a simple celebratory tweet, the admin chose to use the infamous Frank Lampard template to announce the news.  

Now, it looks like the club’s Twitter account has produced another amusing post, this time featuring a Chelsea player.

After the squad completed a training session on Tuesday, the Sevilla players were spotted horsing around by trying to chip a ball into a common trash can placed in the middle of the pitch. While the activity looked like a fun end to a training session, Sevilla’s admin once again managed to find the humour in it and posted the visuals of the ‘bin challenge’ with the accompanying caption, “The Kai Havertz Challenge.”

The clip features popular names at the club such as Ivan Rakitic and Yassine Bounou having a go at the bin challenge after having finished training.  

While mentioning the Chelsea man might seem rather strange here, it is a cheeky throwback to an incident involving the German during the Blues’ pre-season tour.

As Chelsea took on Club America last week in the US, Havertz had one of the best chances in the first half to double Chelsea’s advantage. Slipped into the America penalty box, the 23-year-old tried to curl an effort into the top left corner but his attempt flew over the crossbar and landed behind the goal.

Although Havertz failed to get his effort on target, the overshot ball managed to land straight inside a trash bin kept behind the goal next to the stands.

While the Sevilla admin cited Havertz’s name in the post just for some friendly banter, a few Chelsea fans initially looked to have taken offence with the random association of their player with a trash bin.

But a revisit to the German’s unintended trick shot against Club America has surely provided some much-needed context to this advanced humour on display by Sevilla’s admin.