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Looks Like Toothpaste: Away Chelsea Kit For 22/23 Season Leaks to Mixed Reviews

Looks Like Toothpaste: Away Chelsea Kit For 22/23 Season Leaks to Mixed Reviews

As a result of the controversy surrounding former owner Roman Abramovich, prior to the Boehly-Clearlake takeover, Chelsea’s standard activities have suffered. The transition has already affected the Blues’ transfer business this summer, as a clear lack of direction is quite evident. 

What has suffered alongside are Chelsea’s marketing activities, especially in regards to the official reveals of their brand new kits. 

While most clubs have already announced both their home and away threads for the upcoming season, Chelsea has been playing catch-up and only recently revealed their home kit.

Naturally, the delay provided plenty of time for leaks to surface and run wild, and seemingly all 3 of the London outfits kits have unofficially been confirmed. 

Nevertheless, by the looks of it, the club are all set to finally reveal their away kit, as further leaks have emerged displaying players sporting Nike’s latest iteration. 

As seen in this image, Chelsea’s away kit for 22/23 has gone all white, with academy graduate Harvey Vale filling in as a model. 

The eye-catching design features four teal hoops with wavy patterns running inside, which are similar to the one seen on the home shirt’s collar. The sponsor logos and club crest are navy in colour, the shade is also present beneath each hoop as a thin stripe.

The look has been divisive so far, as some are fans of the design, while others remain unconvinced.

The shirt will be paired with white shorts, which certainly adds a bit of colour symmetry, but fans online felt that the navy blue socks may hamper it, and it’s easy to see why.

White socks would’ve provided for a cleaner look, but it’s best to reserve judgement until the official reveal.

We’re yet to see the kit in action, and perhaps seeing it on the Blues may just alter fan opinion, as it did with the home kit.