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WATCH: Antony Celebrates His First Goal For Manchester United Like A Beast

WATCH: Antony Celebrates His First Goal For Manchester United Like A Beast

Given Erik ten Hag’s cautious introduction of new recruit Casemiro, it was unclear if Antony would get a start barely a few days after his £85 million transfer from Ajax.

However, the United manager’s decision to give him a starting spot in his XI paid off during the opening half itself. 

Erik ten Hag inserted Antony right into the starting lineup for his debut because he believes the player is capable of fitting in the team perfectly.

The pair share a history of working together, as ten Hag managed him at Ajax as well.

The Brazilian made an immediate impact for United, latching onto Marcus Rashford’s exquisite pass and curling the ball past Arsenal keeper Aaron Ramsdale using his left foot. 

Antony could be described as somewhat of a mix between Bruno Fernandes and a young Neymar. 

He possesses the former’s desperate need to assume responsibility. He constantly asks for the ball from teammates and frequently even demands it.

This behaviour seems to be fueled by positive reinforcement from fans who are excited about the idea of a player who truly wants to be in possession instead of handling the ball like a ticking time bomb.

The ability to move with the ball like it’s attached to his feet with a magnet, is an ability most Brazilians are born with. Put them on the wing and they become very dangerous.

If the goal was sublime, Antony’s celebration was even more eye-catching. He showed immense passion and excitement as he nearly tore off his jersey grabbing and flaunting the Red Devils badge. 

As the commentators said, it was unclear if he was familiar with the geography of the stadium or even of the kit, as he ran towards the Arsenal end and had trouble finding the badge too.

Supporters would not be too troubled with that though. The player knows where the goal is, so we’re certain he can find the correct fans and the jersey on the kit as well.

Now whether Antony ran to the Arsenal supporters to tease them or was it really confused by the red jersey is anyone’s guess.

To showcase his excitement even further, he then attempted to lob Aaron Ramsdale from roughly 35 yards away shortly after the goal. Talk about bravery!

Cristiano Ronaldo was also overjoyed to see Antony score his first goal for Manchester United as the Red Devils seized the advantage over Arsenal on Sunday.

The Portuguese superstar stood up on the bench to celebrate the winger’s goal, which helped Manchester United with a 3-1 victory.

The Manchester United winger became the youngest Brazilian ever to score on his Premier League debut. The former Ajax player is only 22 years and 192 days old.

He got off to a brilliant start in the Premier League, not only with the debut goal, but also with 3 points over Arsenal, who had a spotless record before kickoff. 

United begin their Europa League season at Real Sociedad on Thursday. United’s new signings are settling in nicely, and they’ll be hoping to get off to a good start in the UEL as well.