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Loving The New Bus Seat Boots From New Balance? Here’s What They Cost

Loving The New Bus Seat Boots From New Balance? Here’s What They Cost

It is always exciting when an athlete signs a deal with a sportswear manufacturer.

Rafael Nadal and Michael Jordan with Nike, Paul Pogba with Adidas and Usain Bolt with Puma are some of the well-known collaborations in the sports world.

These partnerships are mutually beneficial. The sportsperson gets to expand and grow their own brand, while the companies get to sell more merchandise and increase profits.

Another sportswear manufacturer, New Balance, is not far behind in this aspect.

Already boasting of having NBA superstars like Kawhi Leonard on their roaster, the US-based company signed England and Chelsea footballer Raheem Sterling back in May 2021.

And they have been absolutely cooking since!

First came a limited-edition release of NB’s Furon v6+ shoes. Tracing inspiration from Sterling’s birth country, the shoes were called “Jamaica” and looked absolutely fire.

The colour combination of green and gold is straight from the country’s flag, while the national motto. “Out of Many, One People”, is also inscribed on the shoes.

New Balance and Raheem Sterling continued to pay homage to the player’s journey with the next instalment of their collaboration.

Taking inspiration from Sterling’s childhood, when he played in his backyard in the shadow of Wembley stadium, this collection was called “Shadow of my dreams”.

The collection, which encompasses shoes as well as apparel, is grey and black in colour and has the text “You are the creator of your own success”.

The newest collaboration, which dropped this month, sees New Balance continuing to embrace the England international’s history and culture.

Called “Road to Success”, this collection draws straight from days when Sterling used to travel long bus journeys to attend training.

The shoes, NB’s famous Furon 7, can be seen with a pattern similar to bus seats, in an ode to the journeys and the sacrifices he and his family made that led to him being a successful footballer.

Sterling used to take three buses on his way to QPR, a London club that he played for in his youth career before Liverpool came calling.

The bus numbers as well as his sister’s name “Lakima” can be read on the soleplate of the shoe.

The heel, as well as the laces, have ‘Route to Success’ written on them to further the message.

The forward wore these shoes in the recent match against Palace, which Chelsea won 2-1, and will continue to wear the boots in the upcoming games. They can be bought here for a cost of £220.

This isn’t the first time that London transport has found itself thrust into football fashion.

In fact, just in January, we saw Arsenal release a collection in collaboration with Transport for London (TfL).

As is the case with the New Balance shoes, the pre-match shirts featured the same pattern as the tube seats in London.

With more clubs and players getting in touch with their roots and hardships, we cannot wait to find out what’s next in the world of Fashion X Football.