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Amazon Prime Introduce Joint Manager Interviews But Many Complain About Buffering

Amazon Prime Introduce Joint Manager Interviews But Many Complain About Buffering

Amazon Prime has broken into Sky Sports and BT Sports’ duopoly of the live streaming of the Premier League.

The midweek fixtures this week were scheduled to be shown to the Prime subscribers at no extra cost added to their existing packages, live and uninterrupted simultaneously.

Twitter has erupted with the reaction from the viewers, albeit pointing out both the good and the bad parts of it all.


Praise has been heaved on the American company’s coverage of the games in England, especially for the pre & post – match sections.

Ahead of the kick-off for Brentford vs Chelsea, Prime introduced a never-before-seen joint manager interview as Thomas Frank And Graham Potter got candid in front of the cameras.

It was deemed to be a brilliant new feature by many fans.

The commentary and punditry on the channel were also appreciated with people wanting more of the same.

Belgium’s manager Roberto Martinez initiated a tactical discussion with Bruno Fernandes after the Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur match and greats of the game Patrice Evra & Alan Shearer were looking on.

This definitely took the cake!

Incredible new features such as turning off live commentary and easy transitions between the matches have hit all the right notes among the fans.


However, for every silver lining, there has to be a dark cloud floating around.

Many have complained of the footage constantly buffering a lot, even the ones with high-speed internet.

The low video quality of the coverage and bad audio mixing with pixelated pictures hasn’t helped their cause as well.

Amazon currently have the rights to stream 20 live league matches per season, choosing from one Bank holiday and one mid-week fixture schedule. This has reportedly cost them UK£90 million in total over a period of 3 years.

The Premier League is in talks with the UK government to scrap its domestic broadcast rights tender in favour of rolling over the existing deals with online providers Sky Sports, BT Sport and Amazon Prime streaming platforms, according to the Telegraph.

We’ll just have to wait and see how it plays out. But for now, overall, Prime videos did a decent enough job. They just need some work done on the quality of the stream and voila!