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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Makes Confusing Liverpool Claim

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Makes Confusing Liverpool Claim

With 130 years of storied history, numerous legendary players and plenty of silverware, calling Liverpool a massive institution would actually be an understatement.

And as a result of its stature, the club have garnered quite the fanbase.

Aside from the millions around the world who proudly call themselves Kopites, the club also has some noteworthy American celebs as supporters.

The most well-known of them is NBA icon LeBron James, who also owns a 2% in the club. Other examples include
Samuel L Jackson, Lana Del Ray, Angelina Jolie.

And now, the Merseyside Reds must just have a brand new entrant on the cards, and the individual in question would be quite the catch.

Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, The People’s Champion, The Brahma Bull or whichever one of his aliases you might be familiar with, maybe just be a Liverpool fan.

The discovery came through a recent interview given by the actor, as part of a promotional tour for ‘Black Adam’.

As seen in this clip, after being asked about his favourite team Rocky begrudgingly nods along before vaguely responding ‘You know the one’.

Further inquiry follows, to which the former WWE wrestler replies, ‘The Pride of Cheshire.’

The interviewer fires back ‘Liverpool?’, and the actor, with apparent relief, nods in agreement.

The discussion comes to a halt after the interviewer asks, ‘Good result on Sunday right?’, and in response, the 50-year-old offers a quickfire, ‘I thought so.’

We couldn’t help but get flashbacks to LeBron James’ famous discussion with Marcus Rashford, which resulted in a similarly vague answer from the Basketball player.

Nevertheless, there it is folks, The Rock is a Red. Or is he?

It may just be a case of split loyalties for the actor, as he famously picked Macclesfield as his club in an interview years ago.

Furthermore, he went on to double down on the notion through a tweet dating back to 2020.

Considering that he initially responded with ‘The Pride of Cheshire’, The Rock possibly meant Macclesfield.

As for why he went along with the interviewer? Well, we’re willing to wager that he probably forgot about the club’s name. So it’s likely from that point on everything the actor said was pure waffle.