Wrexham Forward Paul Mullin Defaces Boots To Take On The Tories

If you live in the UK or have read the news lately, you would already know that the state of politics in the country is as tumultuous and uncertain as it can be.

Liz Truss, Boris Johnson’s successor as Prime Minister, resigned in only 45 days. In the aftermath, Rishi Sunak emerged as the leader of the Conservative Party and by extension, became the new PM of the parliament.

The Tories, as the Conservative Party are called, are not enjoying their time at the helm with 3 PMs in 6 months and there is widespread dissatisfaction. The dissatisfaction is spread across the Kingdom, with Wales, Scotland, and Ireland too not happy with the running of their countries.

Paul Mullin, a football player plying his trade in Wales, recently put out a tweet showing his shoes, and dare we say, he’s speaking for the public.

Paul Mullin is somewhat of a hero for his club, Wrexham.

Yes, this is the same Wrexham that is co-owned by the Hollywood duo Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

Mullin’s first season saw him finish as the league’s top scorer. Currently, in his second season of a three-year contract, the 27-year-old has already scored 11 times in 13 games and has helped his club reach second in the league table.

His new shoes are custom-made by artist John White of Zebra Customs and feature the Liverpool skyline on one side and an explicit message for the Tories on the other.

Liverpool, from where Mullin hails, is famous for its refusal to support the Conservative Party, and with the current state of political affairs, now seems like a fitting time to release these boots.

The shoes are the new Nike Mercurial Air Zoom and the design has gained widespread applause on social media.

And it is not just the fans showing their support.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, owners of the club, also “liked” his post, giving their seal of approval. Well, if your striker is scoring and leading your club to glory, would you risk agitating him for non-footballing reasons?

Yeah, we didn’t think so.

But the Hollywood pair are said to be massive fans of Mullin, tagging him in their social media posts frequently.

His family, too, have embraced his move to Wrexham, which is closer to his home than his previous clubs.

All in all, the player is loving life in Wales and has everything going for him. The fact that is comfortable using sports as a platform to voice his opinion is evidence of this.

This is not the first time sports and politics have mixed in this way.

A few months ago, UFC fighter Molly McCann used her post-fight speech at O2 Arena, London to lead a chant in the crowd saying “F*** the Tories”, such has been the discontent in the country.

We can only wait and watch where the UK goes from here.