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Is Sophie Corcoran a West Ham Fan Now?

Is Sophie Corcoran a West Ham Fan Now?

Another day, another conservative party member in news relating to football. Football isn’t devoid of politics itself but this time the topic of conversation is another question regarding the allegiance of a Tory member.

This time its Sophie Corcoran who has taken up the spotlight. Might not be one of the usual controversial reasons she is in the news for but for the West Ham fans, it is big.

The Essex born conservative commentator and GB News contributor has got the social media talking. She posted a picture on her twitter account on Christmas day in which she is wearing a West Ham jersey while displaying her Christmas day cuisine.

This has got the West Ham fans wondering if she chose to don the attire on a whim or if she is whole heartedly a Hammers supporter.

Either way they don’t look amused and don’t want Sophie to be affiliated with West Ham in any way or form.

Reason behind this might be multi-fold. First and foremost the political values make you a target and Tories haven’t been in favour for a while now.

Another one of the many reasons could be the fact that she has been seen in Liverpool jersey before.

It was one of her Twitter posts of old where she was seen defending the then Prime Minister Boris Johnson, wearing the red jersey and sitting in front of a cut out of her “personal idol” Margaret Thatcher.

This was seen as extremely odd considering Liverpool is built on working class ideology and the conservative thoughts swing in the opposite direction. The post has been deleted since.

This does make you wonder if this is just another turncoat mentality or genuine love for the West Ham.

The 21-year-old youngster is somewhat of a footballer herself and has played for Leyton Orient WFC (Tier 3/4 women FA league). She rose to fame with her campaign as student union representative at Durham university, where she is currently pursuing her business and management studies.

She has enjoyed a fair share of controversies too. Previously, she had come under fire for her stance on face masks and trans rights.

With her latest post on Boxing day, she has confirmed herself to be a Hammers fan. Her posts have the #COYI hashtags too which represent support to the east London club expanding to ‘Come on you Irons’.

When asked about which side she would choose, one in favour of keeping David Moyes as coach or the one trying to get him out, she replied with a short, “In”.

David Moyes has been West Ham coach 4 years running now and brought the club unprecedented success. With his contract running out this summer, some don’t want him to come back as they feel a stagnation now.

Seeing Sophie support the manager has earned her some favourable points.

She has had fair share of negative comments over time but as they say ‘any publicity is good publicity’, her image and following is growing regardless.