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Hwang Hee-Chan Goes Above And Beyond For South Korean Fans At Molineux

Hwang Hee-Chan Goes Above And Beyond For South Korean Fans At Molineux

Christmas spirit has always been about spreading love and joy, and what better way for the football fans to experience such emotions than to have a one on one interactive autograph and photo session with the footballer they admire the most.

Usually they don’t get any such chance because footballers are busy personalities and are usually on vacation or spending time with their families and loved ones during the holiday period.

Cut to Molineux park, its Christmas eve (already Christmas in Korea) and Wolves have just outclassed Chelsea to get the Christmas spirit going for the Wolves fans.

Just as you think there aren’t many surprised left in the football world to explore, one pops up. There is a huge line of fans forming up, to get their autographs signed and on the other end of this line is Hwang Hee-Chan.

The surprising part being that the Wolves footballer stayed, signed and clicked pictures with each and every fan that was standing in the line and didn’t let anyone leave empty handed.

That level of dedication and sincerity is hard to come by. It was just pure class. It is very unusual to see any footballer spend this much time with the fans, let alone during such busy festival periods.

Dedicated Korean fans journey all across Europe to support their footballers and this is such a humble and heart warming reciprocation of their love.

One more admirable characteristic that the Asian fans have is their orderly conduct during such events which has been noticed and appreciated by all the football fans even during the world cup.

Hwang Hee-Chan is 27 year old South Korean international who plays for Wolverhampton Wanderers as a left winger. He has been a catalyst in the Wolves squad and produced 9 goals and 2 assists for them this season.

Aptly nicknamed Hwangso (Korean word for Bull), he charges into the enemy defence and rips them apart to either score or create an opening. This quality of his is what earned him a contract extension till 2028 just 5 days ago.

In Wolves coach Gary O’Neil’s words, “He’s a great guy and he came looking for me and the staff yesterday to thank us all for the hard work that we’ve done with him to help him earn his new contract.”

Hwang has said that playing in the Premier League was his life long goal and now that he is here and being appreciated, he wants to return the love back to the fans and faithful who have supported him.

It is not the first time that the South Korean lad has been found doing such compassionate deeds. He religiously attends to his fans all the time during all of the signing sessions.

He is keen on learning English so that he can communicate better and gel with not only his teammates but his fans too.

In his interviews he has mentioned that he considers his teammates his brothers and wants to create a bond with them. He wants to share his South Korean culture with them and win some trophies with them.

Football world could use more guys like this for sure. Not asking for much but the humbleness and giving back to fans part would be a welcome change.