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Toni Kroos Advises Antonio Rudiger On Cheat Meal Etiquette

Toni Kroos Advises Antonio Rudiger On Cheat Meal Etiquette

It’s already the winter holidays and the streets are lighting up to welcome the new year. Footballers are also in a festive mood as they embrace time off from their regular routine.

Amidst this, La Liga enjoys a halt of 10 days to commemorate the holidays. Besides traveling to scenic destinations and spending quality time with family, indulging in mouth-watering delicacies is a must during this time.

But for footballers, it is important not to overshoot it. They are to maintain an optimum fitness level, and for that, it’s undebatable to adhere to the prescribed fitness and diet regime. Toni Kroos has reminded his Real Madrid teammates of the same.

Antonio Rudiger, known for his imposing physique and no-nonsense attitude on the pitch, apparently let his guards down when it comes to his off-field indulgences.

The German international and Real Madrid defender provided fans with a peek into the festive indulgence of his winter break. Rudiger posed for an Instagram photo that showed him relishing on a plate of Kaiserschmarrn.

Kaiserschmarrn is an Austrian dessert resembling a lightly sweetened fluffy pancake. It is served as a dessert or as a light lunch alongside applesauce and contains raisins or dried cranberries.

Captioning the delightful photos, Rudiger expressed, “The best cheat meal in the world…love it, days off!” It’s evident that the athlete is savoring every moment of his well-deserved time away from the pitch.

From Dani Carvajal to Lucas Vazquez to Boateng, all of them took to his posts to appreciate his winter time off and to take a friendly jab at the German in the comment section.

However, it was only the Real Madrid veteran, kroos, who was concerned about his fitness as he playfully reminded the defender that it’s fine to indulge in occasional delicacies but not to overdo it with the cheat meal.

“All nice and good but not 3 a day”. Commented the midfield maestro in Rudiger’s Instagram post.

And rightly so, Rudiger needs to be careful not to get carried away by festivities. They still have a half LaLiga season and the UEFA Champions League ahead. With him and Nacho being the only two fit centre-backs in the lineup, Real Madrid can’t afford another fitness mishap.

And when you have Real Madrid’s OG midfield star Toni Kroos commenting on it, you can’t overlook the warning.

Toni Kroos might not be a footballer with crazy abs and prominent calf muscles, but he surely knows his way around fitness. He follows a strict diet to keep himself lean and energetic.

He adheres to a comprehensive workout regime to maintain his athletic and muscular physique. His diet consists mainly of fruits, vegetables, chicken, and fish.

He also includes oats and eggs in his daily intake. However, something that is on the strictly prohibited list for the midfielder is red meat and sugar.

However, it’s not like Toni Kroos has never had an occasional cheat meal.

He took to Twitter to post a cheat meal of his own a couple of years ago, playfully tagging it as a ‘champion’s breakfast.’ But he knows where to draw the line, and that is what he is reminding his German teammate.

Looking ahead, Real Madrid is set to return to action on January 3rd, 2024, facing off against Mallorca.

Currently occupying the top spot in the La Liga table, the team is poised to further solidify its position as they aim for their 36th La Liga trophy.

Moreover, with Champions League knockout games poised to commence from February, Carlo Ancelotti would hope his team to be fit and firing.

So, Rudiger better watch his diet. He wouldn’t want to replicate what a certain Eden Hazard was infamously reputed for.