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Look: Grandfather Of Toni Kroos Flaunts Unique Real Madrid Jumper At Family Christmas Dinner

Look: Grandfather Of Toni Kroos Flaunts Unique Real Madrid Jumper At Family Christmas Dinner

Real Madrid players have been fortunate to be given a pretty lengthy Christmas holiday due to the winter break that is imposed in La Liga.

Los Blancos are not scheduled to play a match anymore in 2023 and their next match is going to take place on January 3rd, 2024.

The club has given their players time off to spend time with their families during the holiday season and also gave them the Christmas period off.

This allowed the non-Spanish players the opportunity to fly to their respective countries and spend time with their loved ones on Christmas day.

Toni Kroos was among the players to have travelled down to spend their Christmas with their families and it seemed like he enjoyed a private affair with his closest relatives.

The German midfielder was able to meet up with his grandfather on Christmas after travelling down to Germany for the occasion.

The 31-year-old posted pictures of himself standing with his grandfather, in which the two are wearing their best Christmas jumpers.

Kroos is wearing a dark red sweater with a huge bear symbol in the middle, but it appears that his grandfather was ready to represent Real Madrid in the household.

That is because Kroos’ granddad can be seen wearing a brilliant grey jumper that pays homage to the club his grandson plays for.

The jumper has a panda figure designed into the middle, and the animal is wearing a cap which has ‘Real Madrid’ written on it.

The Real Madrid midfielder posted a brilliant little caption on the pictures of him posing with his granddad, writing: “I should say Happy Holidays. From the boss personally.”

What followed was some friendly banter on social media to show off his impressive humour levels.

Upon being asked by someone if the person standing beside him was actually his dad, Kroos answered ‘No my brother’, in a hilarious swipe for the foolish question.

Toni actually does have a younger brother named Felix, with whom he is involved in a popular German podcast named ‘Einfach mal Luppen’.

Interestingly, it appears that Toni probably had to work hard to get his granddad this version of a Real Madrid jumper as his present for the Christmas dinner.

That is because it isn’t even available in their online retail store, at least not this design of the jumper.

Real Madrid’s online store only has a Rudolf the Reindeer Christmas Jumper that costs €50 and has Rudolf’s face in the centre with the words ‘Blanca Navidad’ written in the middle.

There is also another jumper available that has the Real Madrid club logo inscribed in the middle.

Kroos seemingly chose the best and most unique Real Madrid jumper to give to his granddad and it seems to have been a great fit for the old man as well!

It’s clear that the Kroos household had an eventful and enjoyable Christmas and knowing Toni’s sense of humour, there were probably a lot of jokes thrown around during the Christmas party too.