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Look: Fabio Vieira Gets New Wolf Pup Tattoo On Left Arm

Look: Fabio Vieira Gets New Wolf Pup Tattoo On Left Arm

Arsenal star Fabio Vieira seems to be using his downtime wisely, as the midfielder recently debuted a brand new tattoo.

The Portugal International missed out on the 26-man squad currently at the Qatar World Cup, giving him some useful time away from the pitch.

He appears to have spent a portion of that time at the tattoo parlour, getting an intriguing bit of body art.

His latest tattoo is situated on his left arm, covering a majority of the lower half.

As seen in the image, the meticulously detailed tattoo features 2 wolves juxtaposed against each other.

On the top half sits a wolf pup, and right beneath it is its fully grown counterpart.

A platform resembling a border separates the two, with some skilled sketch work all around. The facial details and fur look exquisite, although the meaning of it all certainly evades us.

Seeing how the pup looks noticeably more docile, while the full-grown wolf carries a bit of menace, Vieira may be hinting at his growth as a footballer.

There’s also the equally plausible notion that the art looked cool, and the midfielder couldn’t resist.

What’s far less plausible is the thought that Vieira may be hinting at a move to the Wolves, so you can strike that off the list.

Aside from the intricate work, the achromatic tone of the tattoo stands out, which is actually the trademark of the artist.

The man behind the piece, on Instagram is a pretty popular tattooist known for injecting realism in his work through the extensive use of black and grey.

His customers include a number of star footballers, such as Richarlison, Antony, Emerson Royal and now, Fabio Viera.

Arsenal fans online seemed disinterested in the tattoo entirely, and instead, called on Vieira to hit the gym.

Ever since his move to the Gunners, the midfielder has faced criticism for his lack of strength, especially by Premier League standards.

Hopefully, he’ll heed the feedback and use the rest of his break effectively.