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13 Y/O Son Of Marcelo Scores First Official Contract With Real Madrid

13 Y/O Son Of Marcelo Scores First Official Contract With Real Madrid

Marcelo‘s 13-year-old son Enzo is set to foray into the world of elite European football at his father’s former club Real Madrid.

Enzo has already succeeded in making himself a known commodity in youth football leagues, especially in Europe since a tender age.

Of course, he has the privilege of being a Real Madrid legend’s son. But that does not go to say that Enzo is devoid of merit.

In fact, Enzo is already a formidable player in the final third and has recently secured a call-up to Real Madrid’s U-14 team after a stellar performance in his U-12 season in the La Liga Promises tournament.

With Enzo’s towering physique and tactical ability in the penalty area and otherwise, it makes absolute sense that Los Blancos was eager to snap up fresh talent with a proven pedigree.

The fact that the striker has been nurtured by the same club since he was 6 years old acts as a bonus for both, Real Madrid and Enzo.

As such, the teenager took to Instagram to share his first breakthrough into pro football with an image of him signing the contract captioned, “My first contract with the best club in the world. Very happy.”

The teenager has, on previous occasions, talked about how his father’s glorious run at the club has been a massive motivating factor in his quest for success on the pitch.

And given that Marcelo will go down in Real Madrid’s Hall of Fame for the sheer number of championships he’s won with the Spanish giants, there will be some pressure on the 13-year-old to fill his father’s shoes.

However, these aren’t pressing concerns for the 34-year-old Olympiakos left back. As of now, he’s just a proud dad revelling in his son’s newfound success. In fact, Marcelo publicly replied to Enzo’s post saying, “Pride of daddy!”

Only time will tell whether Enzo can be as effective a striker for the “best club in the world” as Marcelo was a left-back in his 26-season stint at the club.