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TikTok bans Paul Breach, the influencer behind infamous Jack Grealish chant

TikTok bans Paul Breach, the influencer behind infamous Jack Grealish chant

Don’t worry if you are not aware of who Paul Breach is or why he is all of a sudden all over your news or Twitter feed.

Of TikTok fame, if you can call it that, his handle “@beautybeyondthe_eye” (Previously Snapshoteye) has over 890k followers on that platform and is best known for his Euros song on Jack Grealish that went viral.

There are also countless videos of him lip-syncing to George Ezra’s Green Green Grass and other cringeworthy content.

But perhaps the most damning information about him is that his videos are targeted at young teenagers. Now that information in itself is not distressing. But there are claims and rumours that he got a teenage girl pregnant when in his 20s. And now the alarm bells start ringing.

There are various videos from other influencers and channels calling for Paul to be stopped and banned and even investigated, but thus far, no action was taken.

But that changed yesterday when the social media site TikTok appears to have banned Breach from their platform.

He, however, still has his Instagram account and he posted a video story there in response to the banning from TikTok.

He said in the video:

“At the moment my account is gone off TikTok. If it stays permanently gone, it stays permanently gone. I’ll go back to a normal life eventually. I’ve got enough money to do what I want at the moment. So, I wonder what people’s content will be now? Soon your FYP and everything else will be back to normal and people’s accounts will be back to pathetic views and pathetic likes.

“So, if it comes back, hi. If it doesn’t come back, hi. I’m gonna go see the world. See what happens. Hey!”

FYP here means the For You Page, which shows the trending and popular content that others are watching that might be of interest to any user.

Paul was swamping the FYP pages because of a sudden shot to fame due to his content and the rumours surrounding his behaviour.

Now banned, the FYP pages will no longer show his videos, instead showing other content that would perhaps be more valuable and engaging.

We don’t know if the suspension from TikTok is temporary or permanent, but either way, we hope a proper investigation is carried into Mr Breach and adequate action is taken against him if required.