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The Cute Reason Why Andy Carroll Wears Number 2 On His Jersey

The Cute Reason Why Andy Carroll Wears Number 2 On His Jersey

Andy Carroll has enjoyed a long and somewhat distinguished career, spending the whole of it in England and rarely dropping out of the Premier League.

In fact, the lowest level the striker has ever played at is the Championship, England’s second tier in the pyramid. The first time that happened was when he was sent out on loan from Newcastle United to Preston North End.

He then again played in that league when Newcastle, the team he started his professional career with, got relegated. Only one year later though, he helped the Toons to promotion and soon after, got a move to Liverpool, arguably the highest point in his career.

He then proceeded to West Ham and spent six years in London, before going back to where it all started, St. James’ Park.

The 6ft 4in striker has never been a prolific goal scorer though and approaching the late 20s and early 30s of his career found no suitors for his skills. He dropped down once again to the second tier, playing for Reading in the 2021-22 season on a six-month deal till January.

Upon completion of that contract, he secured another short deal, this with West Brom, till the end of the season. Scoring thrice in 15 games, Reading took the striker back and extended his contract till the summer of 2024 this January.

Carroll has scored 4 times in 15 outings for the club thus far, but Twitter noticed something during Reading’s FA Cup game against Manchester United that surprised them.

The striker has stuck to his jersey number, #9 for most of his career. Even when he did change it, it was a similar attacking number, like #8 (West Ham – 2012/13) or #7 (Newcastle 2019-21).

His shirt read #9 during his first stint at Reading as well.

But this time, on his return, the number was unavailable, as it was given to a different player.

So Carroll had to choose a different number. And it is this choice that has left many wanting an explanation.

Carroll, a striker, was wearing #2, a number usually reserved for defenders, more specifically, a right back.

Kit numbers according to positions

Each jersey number has a historical meaning, and a striker wearing a number 2 is unheard of. It was always bound to make all the traditionalists crazy.

But as it turns out, the reason Carroll chose this number is quite innocent, sweet even, and was addressed when Reading announced the return of the big man.

As can be seen, the club had given the player his choice of remaining numbers. And Carroll let his kids decide, who chose 2 because it was his daughter’s second birthday.

Usually, this number on a striker would be close to blasphemy, but at least this time it is for a nice reason.

Still, it is still weird and no matter how much we try and make it seem like it’s just another day in the office, in reality, it is doing our heads in.

As they say these days, the game’s gone.