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Jurgen Klopp Is The Perfect Captain Haddock In This Liverpool Themed Tintin Meme

Jurgen Klopp Is The Perfect Captain Haddock In This Liverpool Themed Tintin Meme

Being a Liverpool supporter these days is best summed up as an exhausting experience, the Reds simply have nothing going their way.

Abysmal league form has seen them drop to 9th place with Champions League Football far from secured.

Naturally, any title contention bids are done and dusted as well, Liverpool might actually end up without major silverware as they’re already out of the FA and League Cups, with the outlier being a Champions League knockout tie against current-holders Real Madrid.

A string of injuries to key players has hampered their progress every step of the way, the Reds have had notable absentees at various points of the season, including the likes of Thiago, Virgil Van Dijk, Fabinho and Ibrahima Konate. 

They are also facing a severe shortage in the offensive department, as both Luis Diaz and Diogo Jota are currently sidelined, while summer recruit Darwin Nunez is yet to hit top form in Liverpool colours. 

All this really is just the tip of the iceberg, we’re yet to touch upon their ageing squad and ramshackle midfield, and of course, the whole ownership situation. 

While clubs such as Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United were out gallivanting and signing players during the January window, Liverpool were busy ‘exploring’ a deal for Moises Caicedo and ‘laying the groundwork’ for a future deal for Jude Bellingham.

That’s extremely poor, to say the least.

The primary culprits behind this, as always, are club owners FSG (Fenway Sports Group), who’s once again dug their hands deep into their pockets and offered up nothing to help strengthen a relatively-weak squad. 

The Reds’ made a single signing all window, in the form of talented Dutchman Cody Gapko. 

While the signing was a neat surprise, it doesn’t address any of Liverpool’s immediate needs, especially the limbering midfield, featuring the wearisome trio of James Milner, Jordan Henderson and Fabinho. 

The club’s ownership status is also caught in limbo, as FSG have already announced their desire to sell the club but a suitable buyer is yet to be found.

Meanwhile, their conservative approach in the market has led to struggles on the pitch, and there seems to be a sense of enervation around the club in general. 

A particularly low point came on deadline day, as instead of waking up to transfer links and exciting rumours, Liverpool fans woke up to the news of an injury to first-choice defender Ibrahima Konate. 

Furthermore, there were no approaches made to look for a short-term solution either.

Nobody even bothered to conjure up some lousy links and earn some clicks, things really have been that poor.

A section of Reds online has even suggested that FSG are simply ‘writing this season off’, and that there really is no hope for the remaining number of games. 

Caught amidst all this is the stranded ship’s captain Jurgen Klopp, whose beard gets considerably greyer with each passing month. 

With a million headaches to deal with, you can imagine that the German, like the fanbase, is also pretty exhausted. 

Fortunately, Kopites have managed to find a bit of humour in their misery by creating a meme that perfectly encapsulates the general sentiment around Liverpool. 

The template used for the meme is a popular re-captioned panel from The Adventure of Tintin comics, featuring the titular character himself and Captain Haddock. 

The panel depicts a tiresome Haddock, with eyes swelled, jaw dropped due to fatigue, and uneasiness in his seating position; the character personifies exhaustion.

Sticking with the template’s core theme, Liverpool fans made a slight alteration and slapped Jurgen Klopp into the frame instead of Haddock.

The Liverbird is another cheeky inclusion by fans, as it clutches onto a branch of seaweed while contemplating whether or not to take a swig of alcohol.

The recaptioned classic saw Haddock remark ‘What a week, huh?’, only for Tintin to inform that it is only Wednesday.

Playing off that exchange, Reds changed the dialogue a little, although the weariness of it all still remains. 

In this rendition, it’s an exhausted Klopp remarking ‘What a season, huh?’, only to learn that we’re only halfway through.

The ongoing season really has felt like an eternity for the Liverpool support, and with Premier League action returning soon, they’ll be hoping for an energetic performance against Wolves to reinvigorate the feeling around the club.